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    We know everybody wants to be valued and appreciated for their unique contributions. It takes a special kind of individual to go above and beyond expectations. We recognize our dedicated, hard-working employees who feel good about where they work—and whose inspiration shows every day.

    Meet the employees who have been recognized at communities nationwide. 

    • Paul Anderson

      Chaplain, Covenant Village of Golden Valley

      Thanks for planning and hosting the Clergy Appreciation Event. It was a nice way to bring the local pastors in to visit the residents from their church and for us to show appreciation to the pastors and their ministry and partnership.

      Recognized By: Jim Angell, Executive Director, Covenant Village of Golden Valley

    • Michelle Frederick

      Resident Services Director, Brandel

      Thank you, Michelle, for always being there ready to help when I need direction, even if it is outside of your department. Your caring and genuine love for what you do inspires me. Thank you for your positive attitude and dedication to both residents and staff. THANK YOU!!

      Recognized By: Kalli Leslie, Admissions Clerk, Brandel

    • Paula DeMathis

      Housekeeper, The Holmstad

      Paula quickly called for help when a Resident fell in her apartment. She helped the Resident to be comfortable while waiting for the nurse. The Resident also asked her to help her up and she maintained policy and advised the Resident she could not do that. Thank you, Paula, for your quick response!

      Recognized By: Brenda Lowden, Health Office Nurse RN, The Holmstad

    • Melody Olsen

      Receptionist, Covenant Village of Colorado

      Melody - I am so grateful for your help in numerous things. Your help to me in my on-going projects is amazing. I couldn't do what I do without you. Thank You!

      Recognized By: Janet Marks, Healthcare Administrator, Covenant Village of Colorado

    • Chris Schreiner

      Activities Aide, Covenant Village of Florida

      Chris was observed discussing "uplifting news" with the residents. What a nice way of creating joy for our residents by highlighting the positive in the daily news. Very consistent with our common purpose. Great job!

      Recognized By: Denise Oliver, Director of Human Resources, Covenant Village of Florida

    • Phillip Maldonado

      Director of Facilities Management, Covenant Village of Turlock

      Thank you so much for being on top of the policies needed for our survey outcome and for getting the Fire Alarm taken care of so quickly. I appreciate all that you are doing for Brandel! Darla

      Recognized By: Darla Lorenzen, Healthcare Administrator, Covenant Village of Turlock

    • Rachel Hoffman

      Dining Services Aide, Covenant Shores

      Rachel is relatively new here to us at Covenant Shores yet she has already made herself a valuable member of our small dining team. She helps out other employees, asks great questions, and it is clear from her words and actions that she cares about the residents. She has also gone above and beyond and taken additional projects to help out in the kitchen which is greatly appreciated!

      Recognized By: Emily Haymond, Dietitian, Covenant Shores

    • Krishaun Abraham

      Certified Nursing Assistant, Covenant Village of Northbrook

      She is a wonderful member of our team. She had to care for 10 residents today and did a great job. She kept a smile on all day and is a team player. Also, she found a missing item for one of our residents that we had been looking for ALL day. Thanks for everything you do Kris. You're a pleasure to work with.

      Recognized By: Claudia Fonseca, RN Manager, Covenant Village of Northbrook

    • Jessica Freire

      Receptionist, Windsor Park

      Jessica graciously agreed at the last minute to cover the sales office during summit so that we could all attend. She handled it all with grace and efficiency. Thank you for responding to our need!

      Recognized By: Janet Cannon, Director of Sales, Windsor Park

    • Susan Rolfes

      Clinical Director, CRC Central Office

      You are amazing, thank you so much for all your help during both Care Center survey and Brandel survey. Whenever I cannot find a policy I just reach out to you and you have it sent ASAP. We appreciate you so very much. Thank you, Darla - Care Center staff and Brandel staff.

      Recognized By: Darla Lorenzen, Healthcare Administrator, Covenant Village of Turlock

    • Katie Mongillo

      Activities Coordinator, Covenant Village of Cromwell

      Katie, thank you so much. I also want to tell you how deeply grateful I am to have you on the Life Enrichment team. You’ve done such an outstanding job on this event and with our recent Family Fair day. Everyone has done a fantastic job; I would be remiss if I didn’t call you out specifically as you have taken the lead on quite a few things, and your investment in our residents and our campus is truly Inspired to Serve. Thank you again, Gail

      Recognized By: Gail Fancher, Associate Executive Director, Covenant Village of Cromwell

    • Adele Rosas

      Resident Services Director, Covenant Village of Turlock

      During a marketing event a guest became ill and Adele called for housekeeping, called the woman's husband to ask him to bring clean clothes got her to a shower and stood guard and redirected our other guests to a different bathroom. She is recognized for all the service standards! I truly appreciate all you do Adele!

      Recognized By: Laura Bemis, Director of Sales, Covenant Village of Turlock

    • Juan Gonzalez

      Cook, The Samarkand

      Jose always has a smile for everyone. He is also so pleasant to staff and residents - and even if he is SO busy he has smiling and asking you how he can help you. I really appreciate every day I get his smile in the morning - makes my day!

      Recognized By: Dani Tervo-Shiffman, Wellness Coordinator, The Samarkand

    • Shanricka Johnson

      Wait Staff, Covenant Village of the Great Lakes

      On Friday 9/21/18 Shanricka was working by her self in the bistro. It was a very busy day. She had no help and people were standing there 5 minutes to put their order in. You could she was frustrated but was still being polite apologetic and courteous to all the residents. Gad to have hard working people like this working for CVGL.

      Recognized By: Douglas Meeuwenberg, Maintenance Supervisor, Covenant Village of the Great Lakes

    • Tess Mabini

      Third Party Reimbursement Specialist, Mount Miguel Covenant Village

      Tess is really an awesome Team Member. She has taken the lead on the day-to-day training and questions for a new member of the CA Team. Thanks for all of your help, Tess!

      Recognized By: Tonya Cortese, Billing Manager, CRC Central Office

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