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    We know everybody wants to be valued and appreciated for their unique contributions. It takes a special kind of individual to go above and beyond expectations. We recognize our dedicated, hard-working employees who feel good about where they work—and whose inspiration shows every day.

    Meet the employees who have been recognized at communities nationwide. 

    • Nathan Liljenstolpe

      Dishwasher, Covenant Shores

      Nathan saw a purse lying unattended on the chair outside my office, was concerned, and called my attention to it. The owner of the purse was then found. Nathan, thank you for showing concern for the security of someone's valuables and taking action to make sure the purse was safely returned to its owner. You could have chosen to just ignore it and walk by, and I'm glad you didn't!

      Recognized By: Eileen Fletcher, Director of Human Resources, Covenant Shores 

    • Charlotte Tuttle

      Reimbursement Coordinator, RN, Covenant Village of Cromwell

      When you hear residents passing by your office enroute from the chapel or the salon, you often come out to aid them in getting down the ramp. You talk to them calmly all the while, helping them to feel safe. Thank you for your awareness and compassion.

      Recognized By: Deirdre Roberts, Life Enrichment Supervisor, Covenant Village of Cromwell

    • Robert Kautz

      Housekeeper, Covenant Village of Northbrook

      I briefly overheard Bob's conversation with a resident in the Axelson building. His calm demeanor, courteous attitude, and compliments put a smile on the resident's face as she went off to breakfast. I could tell she enjoyed the interaction she had with Bob. Additionally, he continually acknowledges everyone he passes throughout the halls with a warm smile and positive attitude. Thank you for portraying CVON in a positive light as your interactions with our residents and staff make a difference. Thank you.

      Recognized By: Jenna Doogan, Human Resources Assistant, Covenant Village of Northbrook

    • Vicki Isley

      Receptionist, The Holmstad

      I had a special drive for a new patient at MHC which required isolation treatment (only third time in two years for me). Vicki had two sets of gowns, masks, and gloves for me to use so I was FULLY PREPARED to do my job. Vicki ALWAYS goes the extra mile to help the driver fulfill our job the best way. With the complexity of patient issues we have in transport, that is often VERY challenging but GREATLY APPRECIATED. Thanks, Vicki

      Recognized By: Bill Hubbell, Driver, The Holmstad

    • Caitlin Ishoo

      Nursing Supervisor, LPN, Covenant Village of Turlock

      Caitlin is an outstanding nurse! She always looks professional, shows up for work and helps her residents and co-workers. She always responds quickly and ensures her residents are safe, no matter the issue. She goes above and beyond. She is loved by staff and residents. She is inspired to serve.

      Recognized By: Carolyn Almon, Nurse Manager, RN, Covenant Village of Turlock

    • Lisa Robertson

      Health Information Coordinator, Brandel

      I was very impressed with Lisa's responsiveness to the e-MAR e-TAR responsibilities that flowed to her department. Thank you so much for such positive responsiveness to this very exciting rollout to Brandel Manor.

      Recognized By: Sue Rolfes, Clinical Director, CRC Central Office

    • Veronica Patterson

      Staff Accountant, CRC Central Office

      Veronica - thank you for your speedy help with a recent, unexpected error that occurred in payroll. You jumped right in to solve the problem and the Workday team's mind was at ease that the issues were quickly solved for the employees. Further, your approach was so positive and professional! Thank you!

      Recognized By: Tina Johannessen, National Director of Human Resources and Workday Team

    • Rachelle Rodriguez

      Certified Nursing Assistant, The Samarkand

      Going above and beyond by encouraging our residents and accommodating all the special requests our residents and their family members ask and not hesitating to help whenever possible.

      Recognized By: Errica Ortencio, DSD LPN/LVN, The Samarkand

    • Silvia Arriola

      Administrative Assistant, Covenant Village of Florida

      Than you Silvia for your helpfulness and can-do-attitude with a smile :) You're a great addition to the team!

      Recognized By: Christie Po, Field Support Engineer, Covenant Village of Florida 

    • Rose Jackson

      Receptionist. Covenant Village of Golden Valley

      Thank you Rose for taking a difficult situation and finding a way to satisfy our guests! You went above and beyond to create joy and peace of mind!

      Recognized By: Donna Albinson, Administrative Assistant, Covenant Village of Golden Valley

    • Deb Garrod

      Residential Health Coordinator, Covenant Village of Colorado

      I can't thank Deb enough for jumping in and covering the reception desk for breaks, and lunches. She is always friendly and responsive to residents needs. I don't know how we would ever manage without her. Thank you Deb for your continued support!

      Recognized By: Barb Miley, Administrative Services Coordinator, Covenant Village of Colorado

    • Karen Coy

      Sales Representative, Covenant Village of the Great Lakes

      Kudos go out to Karen for maximizing new sales activity to our keep our AL and ALMS at maximum census while maintaining responsibilities in RL. Keep you the fabulous work!!!!

      Recognized By: Joanne Elenbaas, Director of Sales, Covenant Village of the Great Lakes

    • Zhanna Asriyan

      Health Information Coordinator, Covenant Shores

      Zhanna when you took this job as HIM, I knew it was a challenging job for but I had a confidant in that you could do it and you proved it. You are a hard worker and a very responsible employee. You have done an amazing job. Keep up with your good work.

      Recognized By: Usha Sharma, Director of Nursing, Covenant Shores

    • Ray Gorges

      Security Guard, Covenant Village of Northbrook

      Ray responded to a call regarding a malfunctioning TV that was producing an electrical burn. His promptness prevented further issues.

      Recognized By: Lee LaRocca, Concierge, Covenant Village of Northbrook

    • Mike Delis

      Maintenance Mechanic - Windsor Park

      Mike was part of the team that helped get the Christmas Tree up and decorate the Centrum for Christmas. He worked hard getting the decorations out of storage and kept a great attitude throughout the project.

      Recognized By: Tamra Heitman, Resident Services Director, Windsor Park

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