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    Inspired to Serve Recognitions.

    We know everybody wants to be valued and appreciated for their unique contributions. It takes a special kind of individual to go above and beyond expectations. We recognize our dedicated, hard-working employees who feel good about where they work—and whose inspiration shows every day.

    Meet the employees who have been recognized at communities nationwide. 

    • Gershon Ormeo

      Maintenance Mechanic, Covenant Village of Colorado

      I have had the opportunity to step in and assist FM to help the department catch up due to heavy work load. I got to observe Gershon work, and was really impressed with his work ethic. He didn't just work hard, but his attention to detail showed a genuine caring attitude toward our residents and CVC. He is a true example of what a good employee looks like. Way to go!

      Recognized By: Scott Enneking, Driver, Covenant Village of Colorado

    • Ruas Mual

      Certified Nursing Assistant, Covenant Shores

      Ruas demonstrated concern for resident and staff safety as well as responsiveness in notifying therapy when a resident was has having difficulty transferring.

      Recognized By: Elaine Hollaway, Director of Rehab Services, Covenant Shores

    • Rachel Lazich

      Marketing Specialist, CovenantCare at Home - IL

      Amazingly skilled, articulate, and professional communicator -- leading support groups, providing educational seminars to residents, and interacting with all. In enjoy working with her. I learn something new and helpful almost every time.

      Recognized By: Donald Johnson, Chaplain, CovenantCare at Home - IL

    • Teresa Ware

      Housekeeper, Covenant Place of Tulsa

      I would like to acknowledge Teresa Ware for always responding to our call out for assistance whether working in the Housekeeping or Dining Area Department. Teresa is always willing to help take care of any request ask of her in a positive Courteous manner. Her response is always eagerly met with a smile. Thank you for showing us what it is to be Inspired to Serve.

      Recognized By: Sherry Springer, Receptionist, Covenant Place of Tulsa

    • Alex Putkovich

      Certified Nursing Assistant, Covenant Village of the Great Lakes

      Your compassionate care during last week's evening concert is deeply appreciated! Your ability to respond to resident needs and be flexible sets you apart. Excellent Work!

      Recognized By: Jo Ann Atkinson, Director of Human Resources, Covenant Village of the Great Lakes

    • Viridiana Guitierrez

      Housekeeper, The Holmstad

      This morning I watched Viridiana Guitierrez encounter an assisted living resident who was a little confused but wanting to get to the banking services in the Town Center. She was very kind and patient as she helped him make his way to the concierge to find out about the banking services. When they got to the desk they were told the banking services would be here tomorrow. Viridiana Guitierrez didn't leave him there but helped him catch the circuit bus as it was leaving and make his way safely back to Assisted Living. Her kindness was inspiring!

      Recognized By: Ray Whitson, Sales Representative, The Holmstad

    • Sam San Agustin

      Receptionist, Windsor Park

      We award Sam as MVP. Sam was part of our staff that stepped in and helped to make sure our resident's well being came first and helped out a team member. Our Life Enrichment assistant had to leave early to meet with the service repairman to repair her sump pump. Sam willing stepped in and covered not only the reception desk but the Life Enrichment assistant's remaining portion of her shift until he relief could arrive. She also purchased a meal for the relief assistant so she would have a meal during her shift. Thank you Sam for your dedication to CL and Windsor Park.

      Recognized By: Kathy GrafReceptionist, Mardi Wiedelman, Assisted and Catered Living Director, Mary Warner, Activities Coordinator, Windsor Park

    • Perla Muralles

      Care Attendant, The Samarkand

      Perla is a wonderful team member. She always has a smile on her face, for her residents and staff. She is very patient with the residents, especially when she is giving them their medications. Never allowing them to feel rushed. She is always alerting her staff about any changing there are with the residents. It is very nice to have Perla on my shift so often, she is a great team player!

      Recognized By: Mindy Reyna, Dining Room Supervisor, The Samarkand

    • Candace Banks

      Housekeeping, Covenant Village of Cromwell

      We experienced a water main break on a local street affecting our community and I was delivering strip notices to every resident in Horizon and Morningside buildings where Candace was working. She observed what I was doing and offered to take some notices and help. She said, "we're a team!" Thank you Candace!

      Recognized By: Cindy Harrigan, Resident Services Director, Covenant Village of Cromwell

    • Heather Bell

      Healthcare Administrator, Covenant Village of Golden Valley

      Responsiveness to annual survey along with other requests. Heather is a great leader by example. We are very blessed to have her as a leader at our Golden Valley campus.

      Recognized By: Sue Rolfes, Clinical Director, Central Office

    • Carmen Quintero

      Health Information Coordinator, Covenant Village of Florida

      Carmen always willing to offer a helping and support her team members and the residents in a professional and caring way.

      Recognized By: Bobby Toussaint, Nurse, Covenant Village of Florida

    • Debra McLain

      National Director of Risk Management & Safety, Central Office

      Deb has really jumped in with both feet to re-energize our resident safety program and take it to the next level. She arranged the Safe Resident Handling training and went to bat to get slide sheets for all the campuses, both of which will really make a difference in the safety of our residents. We're glad you are here, Deb!

      Recognized By: Eileen Fletcher, Director of Human Resources, Central Office

    • Ashley Smart

      Healthcare Unit Coordinator, Covenant Village of Northbrook

      Thank you for helping me to learn a new system for billing. Your friendly attitude and all your training and knowledge of the system made it SO much easier for me. I'm thankful there are people like you who are always willing to help. Thanks a million!

      Recognized By: Jacquie Guzman, Housekeeping, Covenant Village of Northbrook

    • Angie McClinton

      Office Manager, Covenant Shores

      Angie is always so quick to respond to any request she gets and does so with grace and respect. She is a shining beacon of professionalism, and others should strive to be like her.

      Recognized By: Cameron Exelby, Human Resources Assistant, Covenant Shores

    • Laura McCreedy

      Receptionist, Covenant Village of Colorado

      Laura was extremely patient while training me at the IL reception desk. The days were very hectic and despite me slowing down every process while learning, Laura maintained excellent customer service with every visitor and resident. Thank you for being so thorough and kind!

      Recognized By: Jessica Branaugh, Receptionist, Covenant Village of Colorado

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