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    We know everybody wants to be valued and appreciated for their unique contributions. It takes a special kind of individual to go above and beyond expectations. We recognize our dedicated, hard-working employees who feel good about where they work—and whose inspiration shows every day.

    Meet the employees who have been recognized at communities nationwide. 

    • Patrice Woods

      Certified Nursing Assistant, Skilled Nursing, Windsor Park

      Patrice took the time to bring a walker to a guest who forgot their walker. Patrice made sur the walker was adjusted to the guests height for safety. Thank you Patrice for your resposivness and your focus on the guests safety.

      Recognized By: Janet Cannon. Director of Sales & Marketing, Windsor Park

    • Carolyn Hoder

      PT Receptionist, Covenant Village of Cromwell

      Thank you for always filling in at the desk when needed especially last minute! You are truly a team player and I appreciate you. You have done it so many times, I can't thank you enough!

      Recognized By: Alyssa Pagan, Administrative Director, Covenant Village of Cromwell

    • Tamara Lohier

      Certified Nursing Assistant, Covenant Village of Florida

      Thank you Tamara for quickly volunteering your help when a need arose. Your helpfulness and dedication --with a smile-- makes all the difference :) Great job and thank you!

      Recognized By: Christie Po, Field Support Engineer, Covenant Village of Florida

    • Dan Brant

      Lead Network Engineer, Central Office

      Dan has been more than amazing in a leadership role for IT. Hes been nothing but generous and kind. He has gone out of his way on multiple occasions to help/explain things to me. He is a great engineer and and even greater person. I feel honored to have worked with him. Thank you for everything you have done for me Dan!

      Recognized By: Nick Perry, IT, CovenantCare at Home - CA

    • Susie Von Busch

      Administrative Assistant, Covenant Village of Northbrook

      Susie, time and time again, demonstrates going the extra mile for her department as well as all others. We in Sales truly appreciate all that you do for us and everyone. Thank you especially today for assisting Neil in his absence to celebrate Sales' success this past year. We couldn't have done it without you!

      Recognized By: CVON Sales Team

    • Angela Campbell

      RN, Covenant Village of Colorado

      Thank you for always being right on top of things and handling requests in the most respectful and timely manner. You're always pleasant and helpful to other staff and our Residents. I'm glad that you are part of our CVC Team! Great job!

      Recognized By: Melody Olson, Relief Reception, Covenant Village of Colorado

    • Vanessa Cardenas

      Activities Aide, Covenant Village of Turlock

      Thank you for jumping in last minute to help my SAIDO person when I missed my session due to Care Center Mock Survey. Way to think quickly and jump into action. I really appreciate it. You are awesome.

      Carrie Rodriguez, HRA, Covenant Village of Turlock

    • Karen Harris

      Human Resources Director, The Samarkand

      Karen, none of these are about the physical plant but your work is about our mission and our heart. THANK YOU for caring so much about our employees and for doing your very best for each one. I was so encouraged to see how much you went out of your way to serve Dwayne's family with information they needed.

      Recognized By: Sherry Peterson, Chaplain, The Samarkand

    • Michael Maynard

      Care Attendant, Covenant Village of the Great Lakes

      Michael's calm, thoroughness & confidence during a resident emergency this evening was exceptional. His interaction with our RAs, SNF nurse & EMTs appear like he had been working in healthcare for years! WOW!

      Recognized By: Jo Ann Atkinson, HR Director, Covenant Village of the Great Lakes

    • Kevin Tucker

      Application Engineer, Central Office

      Kevin always goes above and beyond to assist me with issues. I can always rely on getting an answer timely when needed. Kevin is always the go to guy for my Vision questions and he's great at what he does. Thanks Kevin!

      Recognized By: David Phares, Field Support Engineer, Central Office

    • Marie Lopez

      Facilities Management Assistant, Covenant Village of Colorado

      Thank you Marie for being responsive to my many questions and work orders throughout the day. This also applies to questions you answer so quickly in image express. You always follow up with me to let me know that something has been addressed. Thank you so much.

      Recognized By: Peter Milbourn, Associate Executive Director, Covenant Village of Colorado

    • Aneesha Chambers

      LPN, Covenant Village of Florida

      Two new residents were admitted into the facility after 6pm and did not have a dinner meal. Aneesha went to the dining bistro and purchased meals for the residents so that they will have dinner before bed and continue to have a good first impression of our facility. 

      Recognized By: Shannon John, Registered Nurse & Mykelle Henry, Healthcare Administrator, Covenant Village of Florida

    • Emily Pagan

      Activities Assistant, Covenant Village of Cromwell

      For always willing to do SAIDO sessions last minute! Thank you Emily!!

      Recognized By: Roberta Edmonds, Lead Server, Covenant Village of Cromwell

    • Josie Paul

      Wait Staff, The Holmstad

      Thank you for the great service you provide! We received several comment cards where the residents singled you out as being very prompt and courteous. Keep up the good work!

      Recognized By: Lauren Peerless, Dining Director, The Holmstad

    • Tammy Lauderdale

      Housekeeper, Covenant Place of Tulsa

      When half our department was sick for a day, Tammy stepped in and did as much work covering or missing housekeeper as I did, and more. She retained a positive attitude, and was smiling the whole time. It was a pleasure for me to work with people like Tammy.

      Recognized By: Leo Boller, Maintenance, Covenant Place of Tulsa

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