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    Inspired to Serve Recognitions.

    We know everybody wants to be valued and appreciated for their unique contributions. It takes a special kind of individual to go above and beyond expectations. We recognize our dedicated, hard-working employees who feel good about where they work—and whose inspiration shows every day.

    Meet the employees who have been recognized at communities nationwide. 

    • Kalsang Youtso

      Healthcare Administrator, the Holmstad

      I was overall impressed with Kalsang, during a visit to Holmstad. I was also impressed with her responsiveness to a situation that was brought to her attention during my visit. She is a great addition to the Holmstad team.

      Recognized By: Sue Rolfes, Clinical Director, The Holmstad

    • Jessica Webb

      Director of Assisted Living, Covenant Village of Colorado

      Thank you Jessica for living out our common purpose and representing all four of the service standards. You have done a great job with your team and scheduling your staff to pick up the shifts in AL. When there was a need you without hesitation came in and worked several shifts. Your team sees this as you being such a team player as do I. Thank you Thank you.

      Recognized By: Peter Milbourn, Executive Director, Covenant Village of Colorado

    • Gianna Cardinale

      Wellness Coordinator, Covenant Village of Florida

      A resident trying out personal training for the first time with you stopped me in the hallway to let me know how impressed he is with the program you've created for him. He said you're the best trainer he's had! Your kindness, patience and professionalism with residents is much appreciated.

      Recognized By: Shauna Monahan, Resident Services Director, Covenant Village of Florida

    • Patrick Ceithaml

      Maintenance Mechanic, Covenant Village of Northbrook

      Patrick was super helpful with a last minute change in setup plans for the Summer Bonfire. He was quick to respond, had a positive attitude and went above and beyond to make the bonfire a success for the residents!

      Recognized By: Azmina Panjwani, Activities Director, Covenant Village of Northbrook

    • Michael Chin

      Dining Services Aide, Covenant Shores

      Michael did a great job of stepping up and helping nurses get residents to the dining room after he was all set up and realized he had extra time. This is a huge help to nursing as we work on our new dining process. Thank you Michael!

      Recognized By: Emily Haymond, Dietitian. Covenant Shores

    • Deb Franklin

      Nursing Supervisor, LPN, Brandel Manor

      Deb is always willing to go above and beyond no matter where she is working! If she cannot find a CNA to help a resident, she pitches right in and does what the resident needs her self. She is a true team player!

      Recognized By: IDT Team, Brandel Manor

    • Kelli Colberg

      Director of Human Resources, Covenant Village of Golden Valley

      Thank you for your help and support with our first Employee and Family Picnic. I appreciate you being there the whole time with set up, serving and clean up. It takes a Village to be successful.

      Recognized By: Heather Bell, Healthcare Administrator, Covenant Village of Golden Valley

    • Marysol Ibarrientos

      Human Resources Assistant, Windsor Park

      I want to thank Marysol for the many ways she notices when I need help and offers to assist me. She recently offered to conduct 2 of my SAIDO sessions knowing that I was very busy that day and handling other priorities. She rearranged her time to be able to go to SAIDO and ensure the residents had their sessions. This is just one example of the many times she notices and offers to assist. Another example is the many times she helps fill in at the reception desk when she's needed to support that team. They can count on her, just as I do! Thanks for being so responsive Marysol!

      Recognized By: Tracey Cook, Director of Human Resources. Windsor Park

    • Zina Kind

      Help Desk Supervisor, CRC Central Office

      Dear Zina - Thank you for your prompt response on giving me and Sara Forsman access to CVGL shared drive. Your responsiveness and your attitude should be set as an example for our organization. We need to use how you respond to oncall requests in our future Inspired to Serve training sessions :-) THANK YOU again!

      Mehdi Avnari, National Director of Facilities Management, CRC Central Office

    • Cheryl Lewis

      Receptionist, Covenant Village of Cromwell

      Cheryl helped tremendously with a big alteration in the RL Calendar and Newsletter due to Environmental work taking place in Fireside Lounge altering 8 days of scheduling. Thanks so much!!! Could not have done it without you!

      Recognized By: Cindy Harrigan, Resident Services Director, Covenant Village of Cromwell

    • Jiane Bassi

      Director of Human Resources, Covenant Village of Turlock

      Jiane, Thank you for being so responsive and courteous while gathering data for the NHPPD survey and the Annual state survey... and the transition into Brandel, and... the list goes on and on! You have been such a big help with all the transitions and happenings in the Care Center and Brandel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

      Recognized By: Darla Lorenzen, Healthcare Administrator, Covenant Village of Turlock

    • Susan Moratilla

      Certified Nursing Assistant, The Samarkand

      I want to recognize Susan because every time I asked her to assist with a Resident she always does it, even if its not her assignment. Thank you Susan for all your hard work.

      Recognized By: Alejandra Ornelas, Health Information Coordinator, The Samarkand

    • Linda Kerpes

      Resident Services Director, Covenant Village of the Great Lakes

      Linda, thank you very much for being the CRC's example as a leader who tried two LeaderWalks, as you learned it in Coaching for Peak Performance! I hope you don't mind that I sent your example to the company's leadership! I know that Great Lakes is lucky to have you as the RLD! Keep up the great work and your LeaderWalks - your employees will follow you forever. You Rock!

      Recognized By: Michelle Kozloski, Vice President of Human Resources, CRC Central Office

    • Karen Kanan

      Healthcare Administrator, Mount Miguel Covenant Village

      Karen and her team literally greeted us (Central Office team doing a site visit) at the front door with M&M's in hand and soda in the fridge (she'd asked before what our favorites were). I saw her repeatedly pick up trash and mitigate safety concerns as we walked through the building as well as always being professional with a smile. It was a pleasure to work with her and her team. Her leadership at MMCV Health Care Center is already showing and it's an exciting thing to see.

      Recognized By: Brooke Saxon-Spencer, Director, Admissions & Customer Experience, Cenral Office

    • Kim Manny

      Sales - Administrative Assistant, The Holmstad

      Kim has done an amazing job of being the glue of the Sales Department at HOLM. With Lindsey on maternity leave, Kim has had her hands full supporting the department flawlessly. You would think she has been with CRC for years but she just celebrated her first anniversary. She is eager to learn, responds quickly to inquiries and all around is an amazing person to work with. I appreciate her and I know her team does too. Thank you Kim!

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