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    Inspired to Serve Recognitions.

    We know everybody wants to be valued and appreciated for their unique contributions. It takes a special kind of individual to go above and beyond expectations. We recognize our dedicated, hard-working employees who feel good about where they work—and whose inspiration shows every day.

    Meet the employees who have been recognized at communities nationwide. 

    • Shurmekia Hughes

      LPN, Covenant Village of Florida

      Shurmekia followed up quickly on a concern and did so professionally. She understood the importance and responded. Great job!

      Recognized By: Denise Oliver, HR Director, Covenant Village of Florida

    • Steve Mainka

      Resident Life, Transportation, The Holmstad

      This was the first time I have had the honor of talking with Steve, he was transporting a resident and myself from Michealsen to her apartment. Steve was so caring and attentive to not only the resident but to myself. Steve's uplifting and positive attitude was pure joy, he really represents our Community well.

      Recognized By: Beth Weigel, Scheduler, Covenant Care at Home - IL

    • Aaron Mundello

      Environmental Services, Covenant Village of Turlock

      Aaron stepped up to take a last minute request to cover a SAIDO session when a coworker had an emergency. I so appreciate him!

      Recognized By: Patrice Lesondak, Executive Administrative Assistant, Covenant Village of Turlock

    • Cindy Harrigan

      Community Life Director, Covenant Village of Cromwell

      Thank you for living the Common Purpose. With the resident volunteer appreciation breakfast you created joy and peace of mind for all resident volunteers who give their time and support to others on the CVOC campus and in the local community. Thank you for a job well done!

      Recognized By: Pamela Klapproth, Executive Director, Covenant Village of Cromwell

    • Linda Sultanian

      Sales Assistant, Covenant Village of Northbrook

      Linda stopped what she was doing to help guide a family member of a new resident. They were moving in today and did not know where to go. She walked with them and made them feel very welcomed. Thank you for all you do!

      Recognized By: Lily Barrera, Ward Clerk, Covenant Village of Northbrook

    • Margo Bule

      Activities Coordinator, Mount Miguel Covenant Village

      Thanks so much for your help to ensure a resident was safe and secure during a crisis. Your time and care is an example of our mission in action. Nice work!

      Recognized By: Rich Miller, Executive Director, Mount Miguel Covenant Village

    • Ablertine Barclay

      Production supervisor, Dining Services, Covenant Village of Golden Valley

      Albertine jumped in to save the day (actually over two weeks) while I (Production Supervisor) was on medical leave. She learned tons of new management skills instantly while working selflessly to keep the chef and server staff supplied with everything they needed to get their job done. She is a great asset to our team. Covenant Village is very fortunate to have her.

      Recognized By: Patricia M Ellefoson, Production Supervisor, Covenant Village of Golden Valley

    • Robert Holland

      Help Desk Analyst, Central Office

      I have been working with Robert now for over a year and he has ALWAYS been one of the guys I can rely on to assist with me getting a request done. If he doesn't know the answer he will find it. Help Desk never gets the recognition sometimes and I appreciate everything you do. Thanks Robert for being a valuable asset to the IT team.

      Recognized By: David Phares, Field Support Engineer, Covenant Village of Colorado

    • Mini Vayalil

      Certified Nursing Assistant, Windsor Park

      Mini has been observing ambulating guests for their walking program. What makes this situation special is because our restorative aide is also present working with other guests. Instead of Mini waiting for the restorative aide to ambulate her patient, Mini takes it upon herself to perform the task! Great job Mini! You provide excellent customer service!!!

      Recognized By: Karla Eddins, RN, Windsor Park

    • Rocky Cook

      Chaplain, Covenant Village Florida

      Thank you for taking the time to send flowers to Liz Galatis' funeral mass. It was a critical part of providing joy and peace of mind for the family as they closed out their Mom's apartment.

      Recognized By: Doug Fennema, Executive Director, Covenant Village of Florida

    • Bernadette Emerson

      Housekeeper, Covenant Village of Colorado

      Bernie is gold here at CVC. She is always on top of things the residents and other employees ask for her. She has been extremely helpful to me over the last few weeks. I cannot express what a servant heart she has. Most recently I needed chairs and other things set up for an event and also a key made. She is so accommodating! She truly displays Inspired to Serve in her work at CVC. Residents and staff love her! I am thankful for her!

      Recognized By: Aaron Dunn, Director of Development, Covenant Village of Colorado

    • Danielle Sisto

      HealthCare Sales Coordinator, Windsor Park

      Danielle took the initiative to facilitate some physical improvements to their spaces--especially the front entrance. Her small changes have made a large positive impact on the space.

      Recognized By: Brooke Saxon-Spencer,Director of Admissions and Customer Experience, Central Office

    • Abbie Fisher

      Recruitment and Development Coordinator, The Holmstad

      Abbie is a wonderful courteous and patient person I have ever come across. I have bothered her so much about applications, recruitment issues she has always responded immediately and patiently. Thank you Abbie for all your help!!

      Recognized By: Hanitha Sarangam,Food Service Manager, The Holmstad

    • Letty Diosdado

      Human Resources Assistant, The Samarkand

      Letty is doing small group trainings in Spanish for employees who need to take the Security Training but have limited computer skills or are ESL. This assists our employees to be able to learn, and keep compliant on our computer system. She volunteers to do this for departments needing help. thanks Letty!!

      Recognized By: Karen Harris, Human Resources Director, The Samarkand

    • Candice Banks

      Housekeeper, Covenant Village of Cromwell

      We had an emergency with a sewer line backing up and I called Housekeeping and Candice showed up within minutes and help me clean and restore apartment . She did a great job and what a delight to have her in Housekeeping.

      Recognized By: Mike Kozek, Facilities Supervisor, Covenant Village of Cromwell

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