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    Inspired to Serve Recognitions.

    We know everybody wants to be valued and appreciated for their unique contributions. It takes a special kind of individual to go above and beyond expectations. We recognize our dedicated, hard-working employees who feel good about where they work—and whose inspiration shows every day.

    Meet the employees who have been recognized at communities nationwide. 

    • Kara Anderson

      Administrative Assistant, Mount Miguel Covenant Village

      I was having a conversation in the lobby with a Resident's nephew and a representative from a hospice company. Another Resident was perseverating and yelling 'help' in the hallway. Kara immediately went to take care of the Resident. Her quick response and attention to the needs of our Resident demonstrated her commitment to our Service Standards and Behaviors. Kara is definitely Inspired to Serve. Thank you, Kara!

      Recognized by: Christina Witcher, Director of Nursing, Mount Miguel Covenant Village 

    • Greg O'Brien

      Driver, The Samarkand

      Greg organized a Samarkand Softball Team and his interest in and support of his co-workers to create this Team really exemplifies Greg's above and beyond service mentality. I appreciate the way in which he brought co-workers together and created some joy for these staff members who work so hard to serve our residents!

      Recognized by: Laurie Small, Executive Director, The Samarkand

    • Vildana Johansen

      Assistant Director, Facilities Management, Covenant Village of Northbrook

      Congratulations to Dana for 30 years with CRC! You have been an inspiration to me, as you faithfully attend to so many tasks, always with a smile! Our prospects comment frequently that our community looks so nice and clean. And, you keep us safe by promptly addressing any needs that arise. Thank you!!!

      Recognized by: Darlene Murphy, Director of Sales, Covenant Village of Northbrook

    • Linda Bruns

      Health Office Nurse RN, Covenant Village of Florida

      Thank you for following up on a medication delivery concern regarding resident safety and creating a solution! You solved a complex concern and did so in a manner that invited conversation and collaboration. Thank you for all you do in creating joy and peace of mind! It's great to work with you!

      Recognized by: Doug Fennema, Executive Director, Covenant Village of Florida

    • Maritza Plath

      Housekeeper, Covenant Village of The Great Lakes

      This week as we were preparing for a new resident arrival the request was made to change priorities to her already full schedule at the last minute to accommodate the delivery of furnishings. Maritza and her team were quick to respond which ensured our commitment to resident was met and in turn eliminated duplication in efforts and ultimately minimizing undo additional cost to a project. Our new resident was appreciative, our sales team is appreciative of Maritza every day!

      Recognized by: Jo Elenbaas, Director of Sales, Covenant Village of The Great Lakes

    • Jessica Elliott

      Executive Chef, Covenant Village of Colorado

      Thank you Jessica for handling a last minute catering request. You handled it so well and prompt and everything was great.Thank you for being so responsive and getting it taken care of so quickly. Residents and families appreciated the refreshments.

      Recognized by: Peter Milbourn, Executive Director, Covenant Village of Colorado

    • Fabiana Borella

      Dining Director, Covenant Village of Cromwell

      Fabiana moved around her schedule to help translate a discharge planning discussion with a wife of a resident in Pilgrim Manor. Fabiana was warm and compassionate to the family member.

      Recognized by: Mary Miller, Chaplain, Covenant Village of Cromwell

    • Sarah Aguiniga

      Certified Nursing Assistant, Brandel Manor

      Thank you Sarah for going above and beyond with the resident care you provide. The compassion you have for your residents shines through you.

      Reognized by: Thelma Losano, Office Manager, Brandel Manor

    • Kimberly Quinn

      Accounts Receivable Clerk, CovenantCare at Home - CA

      We have been very short-staffed in the office and Kim has stepped up, offering any assistance she can to make the workload easier on other employees. And she has done this with a smile on her face. Even if she wasn't sure exactly what to do, she figured things out. Thank you Kim! You are definitely living Inspired to Serve!

      Recognized by: Leanna Cumberland, Office Manager, CovenantCare at Home - CA

    • Lizbeth Silva

      Administrative Assistant, Windsor Park

      Liz took the initiative and time to run and buy a Valentines treat for the Warbiany's dog who just moved in the day before and was having a rough time. The Warbiany's have no kids and their pets are everything to them. Her kindness meant the world to the Warbiany's and made a tough move so special. Thank you Liz!

      Recognized by: Kim Hamburg, Sales Representative, Windsor Park

    • Richard Thuringer

      Transportation Lead, Covenant Shores

      Richard Thuringer, Transportation Supervisor, deserves a gold medal for his outstanding and exemplary service to residents and staff during inclement weather in keeping everyone safe from the icy roads and picking them up with his personal vehicle when the campus shuttle bus was not able to navigate the snow and ice. Richard goes above and beyond in ensuring that the last staff get to work and back home safely even if it takes extra time to go to their homes. He put in long days; and during the times that he's not doing transportation - he helps with plowing, shoveling and de-icing the sidewalks.

      Recognized by: Nancy Woo, Director of Sales, Covenant Shores

    • Lynn Misenti

      Dietitian, Covenant Village of Cromwell

      We thank you for introducing a monthly program, educating and affirming residents with valuable nutrition facts and suggestions to help them lead healthy and satisfying lives.

      Recognized by: Deirdre Roberts, Life Enrichment Supervisor, Covenant Village of Cromwell

    • Sandra Nissan

      Security Guard, Covenant Village of Turlock

      Thank you for helping me out with a few copying projects. I appreciated and welcomed the extra help you gave me.

      Recognized by: Carrie Rodriguez, Human Resources Assistant, Covenant Village of Turlock

    • Ranjit Bhajal

      Cook, Brandel Manor

      Ranjit is the glue in our kitchen. She always comes in on days off will work a double always always has a smile on her face does not complain about short staff. She always thinks of the residents and their needs, and will make a special plate for one resident if she knows they won't like the meal. Ranjit goes above and beyond to make sure each resident has a meal they will like, no matter what diet they are on. The food is always plated well and looks pretty. Thank you for dedication.

      Recognized by: Deborah Simms, Food Services Manager, Brandel Manor

    • Matthew Hoefs

      Nurse, RN, The Holmstad

      This weekend, we had an admission from one of the residents on Campus. Her diagnosis was a Fall with left hip pain and a history of Dementia and Alzheimer. This evening, the resident was very anxious and one could see how she was mentally lost. Matt was her nurse tonight and what he did was UNBELIEVABLE! I have never seen anyone who was so depressed and right now she is sing-along with Billy Joel and other songs.Matt put his phone on the nurse's desk and had Pandora playing all the music. I wish you could see the resident's face, how she was smiling.

      Recognized by: Sharon Doss, Nursing Supervisor, RN, The Holmstad

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