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We believe recognition goes a long way.

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Everybody loves to hear "Job well done" or "You really went the extra mile."

At Covenant, we recognize the little things because it’s the little things that matter. We understand that everyone likes to feel appreciated for doing something unexpected that goes above and beyond—especially when it’s coming from someone you work with.

When you see someone else smile, you can’t help but smile too. Maybe you saw a co-worker do something that put a smile on someone’s face: a resident, a co-worker, a vendor or a family member. When you see co-workers making an extra effort, you can recognize them by clicking here.

Anyone can be recognized, from the CEO on down—any employee who inspires others just by the way he or she acts. You’ve already seen it every day, it’s as simple as baking a birthday cake or making a special delivery for someone who needs it.

We believe that we should all recognize co-workers for the small things they do that make a big difference. Our culture values people who make Covenant a better place to work, live and visit. You can recognize your co-workers and they can recognize you. We call it Inspired to Serve. How does it work? Just go here.



The Inspired to Serve service framework actually incorporates two distinct categories; the daily Inspired to Serve recognitions for going above and beyond, and the Inspiration Awards, which are presented at an annual award ceremony.

Our Goal 8000
We would like to thank our Inspiration Award Winners for 2018

The Inspiration Awards, which are presented at an annual ceremony that recognizes certain employees who are Inspired to Serve every day all year long. Any employee can nominate a co-worker for this award, which is presented at the Annual CRC Summit.

What are the Inspiration Awards?

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